Impress Your Date

Most people will tell you that dating in Los Angeles is easy. They’re right. It’s hard. We live in an age and in a city where meeting someone not online is the exception. I remember just a few years ago, everyone was a little wishy washy about the idea, and now I don’t know any single people not doing online dating. However, this article isn’t about online dating, it’s how to impress your online date when you first meet. You’ve gone through the opening conversation, learned a little bit about one another and you even find each other intriguing and hopefully attractive as well. That’s the easy part. The hard part is the courtship, most notably, the first date. You want to make an impression, a solid and exciting one, and there’s a lot of pressure on you to do it right.


Take her for a test drive!

No, not like that! Actually take her to a car dealership and test drive cars together. More specifically, take her to a Nissan dealership. Why? Because the 2014 fleet of Nissan cars and trucks is unbelievably diverse, innovative, handsome and inspired. It showcases a number of hybrids, including a Pathfinder. It seems like just yesterday that the idea of a hybrid SUV was out of the question and now Nissan boasts the powerful and spacious Pathfinder that will save you money and gas. My my, how the world is changing! Nissan also boasts the almost space-age 340Z, an exciting sports car that will make you feel like you’re taking off for the moon. If you take a first date to drive one of these gems, you will make an impression that lasts a lifetime. You’ll score points for originality, and bonus points for having good taste. If you love this idea, and you should, find your nearest Southern California Nissan dealership at Claremont Nissan or Metro Nissan Redlands and get ready for romance and speed! No, not like that.


Go Bowling

I’m serious. Bowling offers the appropriate amount of friendly competition, nostalgia and an energized environment for getting immersed in conversation. For me, bowling conjures images of grade-school birthday parties, pizza and good times. What better place to kick off a potential relationship than in a place that makes you feel like a kid anyway? In Los Angeles, bowling is especially fun because many of the alleys have bars or restaurants inside! It’s the best of all worlds!


Go to the beach

Pretty much everyone I know complains that they live in Southern California and don’t get to the beach enough. Fix that. For both of you. The beach is a beautiful place to talk and get to know one another. My favorite beach is in Malibu. It’s a small, semi-private beach called El Matador. If you take your date here, you’ll show him or her that you have great knowledge of the area’s gems and an appreciation for the outdoors. If you don’t like the outdoors, don’t go here. It’s too pretty. Also, if you travel just up the road, you’ll come upon one of my favorite restaurants, Neptune’s Net. It’s an old-fashioned seafood stand that is frequented by celebrities and overlooks an astounding view of the ocean. This place is a true California gem!


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