What Does the Future Hold for the Dodge Viper SRT?

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There are some rumours floating about this FIAT Chrysler might bring an end to the production of the Dodge Viper SRT. Indications are that it may take place in 2017 and definately will no longer be the supercar that it has become generally known as. Aside from this impressive vehicle, be sure to check out the great selection of other fine FIAT vehicles at Fiat Marin.

The Viper was revived in 2012 but due to unforeseen circumstances and the state of the economy the automaker had no choice but to reduce the volume of employees as well as the volume of their production at their Detroit plant. Here is where the Viper was made. What must be noted as at this moment this all appears to be a rumour and that nothing has been set in stone at the time of yet.

This all comes about as the automaker is taking care of shifting their plans, and therefore are striving in order to set up production where they can add over 2000 jobs to the industry in the next four years while as well it may mean eliminating jobs at other facilities. This really is no doubt a form of restructuring that is in the works to see what best suits the automaker.

This automaker has been doing all within its power to make it the Viper affordable by many rather than just a few. Just last year the 645 hp sports vehicle that normally sold for close to $85,000 was reduced by $15,000. While there are several that would like to own this Viper as it truly is an outstanding sports vehicle many are planning on their own cutbacks in their personal finances. They may be reducing the amount of vehicles they must just one that can suit the requirements all the family members.

The Dodge Viper was sold from 1992 to 2010 originally and it made its debut at the 1989 North American International auto show that was held in Detroit. It eventually became relaunched in 2012 under the SRT which is the street and racing technology brand. While the future of the Dodge Viper SRT as of yet is truly not known, it is still a vehicle that turns the heads of many, and becomes the top of the vehicle wish list for those that want a sports car that is impressive and trendy looking. You will have no problems finding a FIAT vehicle of your choosing when you visit http://www.berkeleyfiat.com/.


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